Optical Laser Test Technician

Nashua, New Hampshire | Aerospace Industry

Job Description:

  • Work on military hardware to strict military and customer standards.
  • Construct, adapt, modify electro-optical, diode pumped laser systems/subsystems.
  • Construct & Troubleshoot multiple-axis electro-optical gimbal heads.
  • Troubleshoot and correct malfunctions.
  • Perform tests and experiments requiring modifications in test set-ups or procedures.
  • Run acceptance tests using test equipment.
  • Run tests using auto-collimators, imaging cameras, spectrometers, energy meters, beam analyzers and oscilloscopes.
  • Perform routine analysis of data to check for accuracy and applicability.
  • Perform alignment of optical hardware.
  • Ensure accuracy of paperwork to government/military


  • Working knowledge of optical test equipment and beam alignment.
  • Experience in assembly, alignment and testing of high energy Q-switched laser systems. (4+ years)
  • Experience with resonator alignment or military lasers.
  • Understanding of complex systems with laser paths containing optics, mirrors and beam splitters.