Radio Frequency Microwave Mechanical Assembler

Manassas, Virginia | Aerospace & Defense Industry

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Radio Frequency Mechanical Assembler

  • Fabricate/Modify complex microwave/radio frequency integrated circuit modules/sub-assemblies.
  • Usage of epoxy bonding materials for attach processes (Substrate attach for duroid/ceramics, MMICs, eutectic die attach). Will utilize lamination presses.
  • Bonding of Ribbon and manual balls on complex circuit modules using manual and automatic bonding machines.
  • Usage of automated pick-and-place equipment such as Palomar, MRSI or other machinery for die attach operations.
  • Operating laser seal equipment for hermetic sealing of microelectronic devices.
  • Operating CNC machinery for use on microelectronic assemblies.

Electronic Assembly/Welding skills required:

  • Seam Welding using parallel resistance seam seal systems such as Benchmark, SSEC, etc.
  • Laser Welding on Raytheon, Lumonics or equivalent equipment.
  • Operating parallel gap welder, tack welder, milling machines, etc.
  • Able to solder based on MIL-STD-883 and IPC workmanship standards.


  • Must be proficient with Computers and English literacy required for this role.
  • Able to use hand tools (cutters, pliers, preformers, screw drivers, etc).
  • Able to identify electronic components and properly orient them onto a circuit board according to polarity.
  • Able to use measurement tools such as scales, micrometers, calipers, etc.
  • May be required to achieve specific soldering certifications in various assembly/soldering techniques based on company/customer standards.
  • 2+ years Electronic Assembly experience.
  • Minimum HS Diploma