Journal Entry- Music Video Pitch

Our song is Grinding by Eric Jamal. Friday, all 3 groups got together and discussed our ideas for the project. We all agreed it would be easiest if all the groups merged into one group, so the video would seem more consistent and coherent. We also had the opportunity to meet the artist, Eric Jamal, and discuss his vision for his song. Unfortunately, he didn’t have many ideas, and told us to “surprise him.” We did ,however, manage to get the lyrics and meaning of the song from the author himself, which was super helpful, so that will act as a “script” as we are figuring out the specifics of the video. Eric Jamal also agreed that he would be in the video. His schedule doesn’t allow him to meet us during class time, but everyone has agreed we would try to work on weekends to ensure the artist could be in the video, it’s his song after all and since we are working as a team of 6 instead of 2 if one person can’t make it, it won’t be that much of a loss. Lane’s idea was to introduce 3 characters (one for each group.) Each character would interact with Eric and then all meet up at the end? The song is about making a difference and being who you are, so he is speaking to a younger generation. I was going to have one of my younger looking friends be in the video to try to enhance that idea. The last verse that I assume me and Lane are going to be dealing with, deals with religious beliefs, so I thought we could shoot a scene or two around the chapel, since it’s a well-known “landmark” on campus, or we could go to any of the 1million churches we have just lying around. I do not know how Lane wants to tackle the credits. I thought it would be cool to use sidewalk chalk since the whole campus is surrounded by concrete. We could write the credits on the sidewalk and have people walking over them or something. Right now, the idea we have as a group feels more like a regular video than a stop motion video, but I don’t really have any super ideas on how to make it more stop motion-y.

That being said, when he talks about the religious stuff, we could make him “float” and seem like a heavenly being. We could shower him in monopoly money when he mentions getting paid. For one whole verse, he talks about someone dying and getting put in a grave, but I don’t know if it’s socially accepted to film a student project in a graveyard, but if it is tht would be a really cool scene, I just don’t know of any cemeteries in Cleveland. He also mentions working and a plow, so maybe some cool stop motion tricks with a field would be really cool. At the end, when there’s a break and he keeps saying “work” it’d be funny to have him in an office setting doing different things and having that be the credits. Ex: he’s at the copy machine and it’s printing out some credits, he’s in microsoft word and typing credits. Right now, it’s hard to stay away from ideas that sound more like regular filming ideas instead of stop motion ideas.

Lane’s original “map” of the scenes + my idea for a chapel scene
Lyrics for “Grinding” (I printed a sheet for everyone in the group)
Sidewalk Chalk credits idea