Expectations are Dangerous

West Palm Beach: Day 2

I’m in Florida visiting family for the week. I got to the house last night at 8pm but had to hop on a last minute conference call for the planning of TEDxAmherst 2016. Naturally, I step outside to the patio to take the call poolside, soaking up the last rays of sun for the day.

My call ends 50 minutes later and I head back inside to finally say hello to my grandparents. I woke up today with 45 mosquito bites on my legs (20 on the right, 25 on my left. And I even put bug spray on! I’m not sure what warranted my mosquito attack, but I can tell you that I’ve never had this much Benadryl histamine ointment on me before. It is intense.

Mosquito infiltration aside, I have a mission for myself this week. My personal mission is to enjoy the limited time that I do have with my family, regardless of my temper, frustration, impatience, or judgment. I say judgment because our brains are very different. We have opposite, often conflicting priorities and I’m continually learning how to love my family while also coming to terms with who they are and who and who they are not. Expectations can be dangerous, I’m learning.

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