Alarm Clock — 11:40 pm: Sleep-less

Tales of ordinary awakening.

“woman sitting on area rug near table” by Lena Bell on Unsplash

Our worst enemy, many times now, is sleep. When we have to rely on a hard day job, sleep may become crucial for our side-hustle. We need time to grow our business, but also we have a shortage of energies, so in our spare time, our mind is not able to focus on whatever our mission is.

My shifts at the restaurant changed. I now work from 4 pm to 1 am. When I go back home and try to write something, be it an article, a new chapter in my novel or a simple answer to an email, my eyes close and when I open them up, I find myself leaned over the keyboard. I then try to resume writing at least half a dozen times, only to wake up each time and find out it’s almost dawn. I give up, have a shower and go to bed at 4–4:30 am.

Problem is, in the morning I don’t wake up before 9. And given the chores I have, the time I carve out for myself is always too short. But I always try to make the best out of it. Now, the only solution is to become what I already was when younger: a night owl. My sleepless hours during the night helped me improve my writing and were far more productive than the day time. But my resistance, both physical and psychological, is less efficient now.

Still, there’s no other solution than sleeping less.

I did set two alarm clocks in the morning, one at 7 and one at 8. I silence both of them every time and thus lose two hours each day. That makes fourteen hours a week. That makes fifty-six hours per month. That’s a lot of time. Hours I could dedicate to my productivity. A good time I could divide between writing and reading.

I don’t get up at 7 because I’m afraid I won’t be productive enough at my day job, which is mentally and physically proving. But this way, I’m sacrificing my side-hustle and future job in favor of something I will quit doing anyway, and this is the wrongest thing that could happen.

Do not just set your alarm clock. Get yo freaking ass out of that bed.

*Alarm Clock is a 30-part series of tales of self-awareness and awakening. Sometimes we are blind to our inner power and we need a third eye to watch over us. And a voice to bring us back to reality, before it’s too late.