What I want most in my writing is stickiness — sticky concepts, ideas and sticky audience who subscribes, comes back to read and engages in conversations sparked by my writing. I don’t need to be in the center, I’d love the conversations to go on without me. This, in my opinion, is the sign of a successful community — when the originator is not a leader, when she’s a facilitator.
Are You Writing for Yourself or for Your Readers?
Anna Sabino

Anna, I agree with you on this. I think it is situational, though and it doesn’t depend on whether one writes fiction or non-fiction. In both genres, a writer can opt to write for him/herself or for the readers. I find easier to own that overlap when writing fiction, because I know what most people like, the trends, what stands out most these days, what is more marketable. I don’t think I can do the same with non-fiction yet, that’s because I am not experienced enough to undertake that kind of path. I’m taking you as an example, you have what it takes to create this kind of exchange through your writing; you walked a longer way in entrepreneurship, so you have a vast body of advice and information to fit into your posts and the book you are about to publish; you can create the community and interchange you are talking about in the highlighted excerpt. That’s what I’m working on and your presence on Medium is quite precious and fundamental. Thanks for posting this.

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