Do you want to live a bold and daring New Year? Start being fearless.

You’ve set your goals for the New Year. Good. Now get ready to take action.

“Live the daring life, write down your goals for 2018” photo: Pexels

Being bold and daring is strongly necessary. I learnt it right last year, where I embarked on a job I was not able and prepared to do. I waited tables in a large and extra-popular restaurant in my hometown and during the first days, I felt I could not make it. I had developed a trauma for that kind of job during the first year I did it, when I was still a kid. I was insecure back then and that brought me to have issues with people. Maybe writing about it would have helped me, but the writing spark had not ignited yet.

Twenty years later, when necessity brought me out of my introverted period, I simply decided to forget about trouble and keep one thought on my mind:

“I need this.”

And that was the truth. I was experiencing a very hard and serious situation in my life; I was splitting up with my wife, I had debts, my writing was stagnating and my inspiration was plain dead. So I was forced to get daring. I put my head on the job, kept practicing and learnt all I could. I even ended up liking it. I’ll be doing it again this year for nine months in a row, because in daring times like these, you’ve got to be even more daring. Certainties are few, especially in a crisis-torn country like the one I currently live in, which is Italy.

I was daring enough to get good at what I had to do. Since the beginning I had two choices; that job or the road. My being daring was expressed by being an extremely dedicated and pro-active professional, even if I only was dedicated and pro-active and not a real professional. That was not my work field. Even so, my inspiration was more alive than ever. It had sprang to life again. And all of a sudden, my writing started to flow again.

So times were ripe for change. I started my personal blog and crafted weekly articles out of my life experience in the inland of Brazil, my marriage, my divorce, my parenting my former wife’s kids which I still love and they love me in return, as well as other life episodes of the past and the present that keep inspiring me. I got bold by making my writing skills grow and I keep cultivating my side-hustle and my writing life. I studied a lot, took courses from the pros and learnt. And I keep learning. I keep investing in myself. I keep being daring.

Fearless is your middle name.

I would also add that being fearless is the main condition without which you cannot be neither daring nor bold. By being fearless, you establish for yourself the proper ground to start the right fight for your life. Being fearless will be your inspiration.

Each one of us has their own issues, be them finances, health, family or strictly personal. Whatever the fight, you are still alive and that means you have obligations to try to succeed. Stick with this and you will. There’s no other way.

Look for a mentor, an inspiration, somebody whose work and experience you can relate to. You know, someone bold and daring. Follow a path and study, learn, apply and fall. Then get up. Then do it all over again until you’re good enough to not fall anymore.

Live the daring life, write down your goals for 2018, make a monthly list. Write a goal for each month and work hard until you reach it, if they are short-term goals. For example, I set to finish my novel by January 31. Then next month I’ll set another goal. If your goal is a long-term one, set a date, be it three months ahead or six. But set it. Write it down. Become someone else’s inspiration. This will help you get through hard times.

Your career is made of steps; organize each one and then work hard to accomplish what that step requires, then go to the next.

Don’t overthink. The road is long, but you don’t have to look at it as a whole. That’s why steps exist. Be technical and practical, for as much as it may seem weird, that will boost your creativity.

Originally published at on January 1, 2018.