How to behave when your brain is about to explode.

Because writing is just the tip of the iceberg in a writer’s life.

courtesy of Pexels

Being a writer today is not hard. It is the hardest mission ever. If you are a writer and you’re reading what I’m writing right now, you know I am right. Writers have to deal with putting their work out there, shining a spotlight over it, making it known and the tools of doing so are countless. You may lose yourself into them. You have twitter and tweeting services, facebook ads, instagram with its bookstagrammers, tumblr with its micro-reviews, your blog which is another job altogether to deal with and Medium, the twin brother to your personal blog, the smarter one, because it is simple and intuitive and gives you immediate access to a big visibility. And most of all, it is free.

You have to take care of all the publicity to your work on these platforms, which are just a few and in the meantime, you have to carry on writing your next novel. And you have a job, a draining one too, you have to eat sometimes and to sleep, otherwise you’re going to pop. Your mind is full, you have a lot of work in progress up there and if you don’t stop to focus, the risk is high for you to pop.

Narrow your focus on one thing. The rest can wait.

If you don’t post daily on Medium, that’s fine. Nobody’s going to blame you for that. You ran out of ideas or inspiration? That happens. There are ways to always be inspired, but there are also circumstances in which we are so busy doing seven other things at the same time that we simply cannot apply to those ways. So take a breath and focus on what’s more important for you at the moment. For me, it is working on the development of my personal blog, taking it to the next level. It is a draining and exhausting job, it requires all my attention, energies and focus and while doing it, I cannot do anything else except listening to some music. At least, it helps relaxing.

You can use your frustration for your next Medium article.

In the end, we never run out of ideas. We use every detail and occurrence in our lives to create a good and, most of the times, useful piece of writing. Our main goal is not only to create, as you all well know, but also to help each other, as in this present article. I am writing this because I am feeling stuck among all the projects I am working on right now. Time, as always, is never enough, even if we have the superpower to create it. So you’re experiencing problems? Write about it. It will help.

Once you’re done, plunge back into the stream.

There comes the time when you free yourself from your chains and go back after what you’ve left behind and you do it with renewed energies. Motivation is what never lacks in a writer’s life, even if we feel really bad at times. We have the ability to overcome obstacles in multiple ways, we border them, dodge them and skip them altogether. But sometimes we go head on and crash into them, because there’s no other way.

Fight back frustration. Write it away and be happy again.