Perhaps one day, when I have fully digested many of my life’s experiences, including the violent death of my mother and overcoming Postnatal Depression, I will be able to write slowly and deeply about it and lay it silently on the page to be of service to anyone who reads it.
Writing Slowly

It is all there. The slow writing is the only way to go through our personal experiences. Writing a memoir, for example, requires slow writing but first, you have to have processed it all. If what you are willing to talk about on the page still hurts you, or makes you feel uneasy and, in a way, you feel like you’re still living in the vibration of that particular event, please stop. It is not the right moment to write. If you want to write, just write something else, whatever. When you’re ready, you will know. I am going through a memoir I wrote for three years while living in Brazil with my wife and kids. Today I live separate and preparing to divorce, so reading all those pages is a hard task. But I am healing myself slowly. Take your time and don’t rush; there’s a right time for everything. Thank you for sharing this.

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