Welcome to the only exciting experience of my whole life.

Yes, the title tells the truth; I woke up and started to dig life only four years ago, when my wife took me to her homeland, Brazil. We had met two years earlier in Milan, the City of Opportunities, as some would call it. Others would call it City of Businness, Capital City, The Economy Engine or My Dear Big City. I called it Hell. It was easier when people would ask where I was living. I was indeed facing a very disturbing era in my life when my future wife appeared. She was my salvation, even if her name wouldn’t sound so reassuring in those circumstances.


“Yes.” she smiled. “Is that weird?”

“Yes, it is.” I answered.

She was from the inland of Brazil, an area people like me don’t know anything about. In First World countries, you name Brazil and you think of soccer, Carnival of Rio (especially the female dancers) and the infamous favelas. What I would see and experience in the coming years was nothing an average european or american citizen could imagine.

I lived in the center-west of Brazil for more than three years and kept a diary of the whole experience. Ten thick, handwritten notebooks. It was the most worthy writing I had ever produced. I have started a lot of novels and finished three and I was merely satisfied with one. It took me some time to acknowledge that non-fiction was a much better field for me to play.

As of now, I’m typing the first notebook on my computer and I’ll see what it looks like. I’m going to compile a memoir of my whole experience. An experience that bore a lot of transformation, mostly through a painful process and my Persefone knows a lot about that. I have hinted many times at this process in my personal blog and you can read it here:

I am going to take my 52-week writing challenge by posting one article per week, each one containing a random excerpt of my memoir, which I called “The End of the Rainbow”. The title is indicative of my transformation journey, an inner revolution which began to take place in the inland of Brazil, where I found a world I could never picture in my imagination. Sometimes reality overcomes fiction.

Why the Rainbow? Brazil has many colors, races, cultural legacy and that is the place I made my journey.

Why the End? Because our journey in life never really ends, but reaching the very end, our goals and limits is what defines the journey. And you know you can’t reach the rainbow, let alone its end. But its presence and the myth of what you can find there, where all the colors fade into thin air, is the propeller of our inner engine. That’s what makes us go on.

I’ll take you to the rollercoaster, I’ll take you by the hand and what you will see, will change your perspective. After the Rainbow, you will never be the same again.