I asked myself if I should resign from my full-time job and get a part time job. This is an option.
Thanks Anna for sharing.
Ifeanyi Omoike

What you are saying here is quite relevant. We can choose to have a part-time job, in order to obtain more time for us to write, but we have to see if it’s worthwhile. For example, I am working full-time, but my job is for the good season, that is from March to September, spring and summertime. For these six-seven months I work like a madman, because I have a goal; I am investing on my writing career and for that I need money. That money will pay for various services which will help me building my multimedia business, along paying the rent and other things. If I worked part-time, I wouldn’t be paid enough to do what I need to do. And besides, having a few time to write, helps you to focus more and go straight to what you want to write. Be fearless. Have a good writing.

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