“When I die, you’ll be drowned in debts.”

That’s what my mother told me this afternoon.

I exited earlier from work, because I had taken on Tamara’s shift on her day out. She always did the opening of the restaurant, so one of us in rotation got her covered. Today it was me.

I wanted to stay a little bit with mommy and when I got home, she was on the sofa, half asleep with her legs stretched on a chair in front of her and a cover on. Springtime still was late.

“Let’s get out. For a coffee.” I said.

Every time I saw her like that, I saw the failure of her expectations for me. She had supported me for years, only to see me starve as a waiter and herself stranded there, with dues and debts I could not afford to help her pay.

She and dad live together, even if they’re not together anymore. They have given up a lot for me. I only gave up in return. Every time until now. Some say it’s not too late to be redeemed. I hope Some is right. Whoever they are.

So we drove in the rain and the cold to the place she liked the most. It was near a dress shop of a friend of hers. On our way there, she got nervous in the traffic. And she wouldn’t let me take the wheel. So she tooted a slow driver in front of us on a crossroad.

“Easy, ma. Must be an old man.” I said.

“He shoulda stayed home!”

She swore a couple times and went through a tale about her friend Debra’s father, who was 89 and still drove his car. Only he had his license retired. He didn’t seem to care about that.

“He has no responsibility. He made amounts of debts in his life and Debra was brought in court of law because of him. He squandered and lost everything, including two houses. And you know what he says to his family? He says: I don’t give a damn. I’m old and am gonna die anyway.”

I knew where mom was going with all of this.

“But when he dies, Debra inherits all the debts, not just the credits.”

She made a pause, driving in the rain.

“When I die, you’ll be drowned in debts too.” she said as the final statement to all her raving.

Thanks for reminding me, mom. I wanted to free your mind a bit from your dull and grey routine, the same dull and grey routine my laziness has brought you into. I am sorry. I wanted to do some good. I hope I’ll be able to some day.

Yeah, I hope Some will come along soon.

I’m Alessandro Tinchini, and right now, I’m working on a horror/romance saga set in the fictional city of Two Hills. If you want more writing tips, as well as self-awareness experiences into your inbox, join the ride.

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Author and dance-therapy student. I’m writing a dystopian saga called “Two Hills”.

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