Writer Who Writes — author who writes a lot of books. These are usually fiction writers who wrote 10, 20 books and they keep writing being aware that the more books they publish, the more they sell. They need to be fast and efficient writers.
3 Types of Writers and Their Ways of Making a Living.
Anna Sabino

When I was younger, I dreamt about being one of these. Being Stephen King my main inspiration as a full-fledged writer and a highly productive one, I dove myself into writing fiction. I started up to ten novels and finished one. I so craved to write fiction but I was no good enough, but then I discovered that this “not being good enough” was due to the lack of reading. Constant exercise is mandatory but I was very young and ignored many things. Important ones especially. I am still writing fiction, as well as non-fiction and I don’t know which one will dominate in the end. The most important thing is to keep focus on the actual writing and follow one’s own instinct too.

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