And that last line proves how age is just a number.
I’ve read this whole story three times now, but it’s always this part that hits me hard.
Bridgette Adu-Wadier

You are an admirable person, Bridgette. You sound young but very wise for your age. Out attitudine, which some may call nerdy, some other obsession and some other even illness, is a condition we cannot avoid even if we wanted to.

When I was young, I looked more like my stepson than than like you; I wasted a lot of time, but opposite Júlio, I never got self-satisfied about that. On the contrary, I felt some kind of void I couldn’t explain and let alone face. I felt the need to be different but I was too ignorant and weak to see a way out. I never was a smart young boy, but what saved me was my being sensitive. My kind heart helped my mind in its evolution and made me the gift of another kind of cleverness.

Some days ago, I asked one my friends to describe me with three words. One of these struck me more than the others. The word was hyper-seer. I was kind of fascinated. I related at once with that word and felt the meaning of that instantly. That word meant I could see the reality as it was through the eyes of my heart. When it comes to me, it is mostly about the heart. My brain is fuelled by my heart and what comes out are positive and peaceful thoughts.

So this aspect helped go through all the experiences I am about to disclose soon; my time with my new family, the one I will never forget and will never lose, was the best time of my life.

Thanks for replying to my chronicle, Bridgette. And please, a piece of advice from somebody who’s a little older than you: have fun.

I mean it. Fun is a pivotal aspect in young people; healthy fun, I mean. Having fun will help you laugh more and laughter is good for your cells and finally, for your health. By laughing more, you stretched your life duration a big chunk.

So please, stay fine and happy writing.