“Self-admitted pretensions of Mac users on a prominently PC university campus”

While being on a large campus with thousands of students, I’ve noticed a wide variety of computers. Ranging from Lenovo to Dell to MacBook’s, there’s one brand that dominates in popularity: Apple. Everyone seems to have Apple computers due to its high popularity and its sleek appearance. I for one, have always wanted to join the Mac fad because of the efficiency, look, and ability to transfer information between my iPhone and my computer. However, I would say that I prefer my Dell when it comes to the amount of data it is able to store and the amount of things it’s able to do in comparison to a Mac. I have been a Dell user for 5+ years and the durability of a Dell is unbeatable. Over the years of having a Dell, I have heard several comments of how I must be an IT major because “that’s the only reason someone should have a Dell.” There has always been a stereotype surrounding both Dell and Mac computers suggesting that Mac computers are “preppy” and Dell computers are “nerdy.” Even with this stereotype, students and kids still continue to be attached to whatever their device is due to the increase in usage of technology worldwide. Tying back to the article, the students in the surveys stated that they preferred to integrate technology into the classroom as a means to study and learn. From personal experience, this is true. I believe it is easier for me to read, type, or do anything academically on the computer verses on paper. It is easier to access and quicker to complete since I have become reliant upon technology for everything outside of the classroom, too.

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