AWARE Weekly Update (August 13, 2018-August 19, 2018)

“AWARE of Good Token”! Welcome to AWARE weekly update (August 13, 2018-August 19, 2018), where we announce the progress of AWARE project in terms of community products, promotion, investment, collaboration and teamwork. The weekly update is jointly presented and maintained by the AWARE team.

Please contact us at should you have any questions.

Product and Techniques

— — Major product progress:

1. Followed up the test of Q & A section, collected bugs and problems from users and provided solutions;

2. Updated the documentation of incentive mechanism for users.

— — Major technical progress:

1. Tested the Q & A system before launch;

2. Tested the Q & A system in operation on the backend;

3. The Applet submitted for review was optimized;

4. The new settlement algorithm was optimized;

5. The backend demands of operation and data were developed.

Data and Content

— — Major data and content progress:

1. The one-sentence introduction and tabs of 600 projects in the secondary market were updated and data of projects in the primary market were included;

2. The three databases “Institution”, “Individual” and “Term” were included in the library;

3. Researched on the vertical Q & A product and updated the operation standard of Q & A for two versions;

4. The de-duplication rules were optimized with improved user experience in mining;

5. The smart classification of projects on the backend was reviewed to assist human judgment.

Business and Marketing

1. AWARE APP was launched on major App markets including Huawei, VIVO, Myapp and 360 Suite and is being optimized and promoted;

2. AWARE APP V. 1.2.1 was iterated and optimized both on the client-end and in the backend system;

3. Developed a promotion plan and carried out promotion by CPD (Cost per Day ) and CPA (Cost per Action) as well as cross-industry cooperation through different channels;

4. Completed the airdrop event for 4 high-quality projects: BGX, SWFTC, MOS, JOY;

5. Held the joint Qixi (Chinese valentine’s Day) event with the ShineChain (love on-chain);

Community Operation

— — Recruitment program for Q & A pioneers in AWARE community:

The recruitment of Q & A pioneers from the community will be launched. Pioneers, who help enrich the content in the Q & A section, will be able to enjoy great AT incentives and peripherals wherein at the early stage. People who love blockchain industry with profound insights into blockchain projects are highly welcome to join the program.

— — The Q & A function on AWARE APP is about to go live:

AWARE APP is going to be updated on August 22 (Wednesday) when the Q & A function goes live and we’ve been recruiting core Q & A pioneers. The experiments of Q & A section will run the time AWARE APP is updated.

Introduction of the Q & A function:

The value of data is regarded as the core value of the Q & A product on AWARE APP. The main goal of the Q & A function will be achieved by aggregating data of value for the platform using Q & A, by accumulating information of value, diversified data structure, and tools and use scenes, by building consensus and by enhancing user loyalty.

— — The re-establishment of the community, hierarchical management and the steady improvement of the official account:

The number of AWARE community members has increased to 5566 so far and hierarchical management is being applied to the community in user management. Active users were gathered from the some of the old communities, and there has been a steady increase in the number of users in the community. The content of AWARE official account has been updated and improved.

— — The launch of AWARE community activities:

AWARE cooperated with four quality projects BGX, SWFTC, MOS and JOY this week in the joint airdrop event to benefit community members. Over 3000 users participated in the event, during which there was an increase of more than 600 followers for each of the five projects AT, BGX, SWFTC, MOS and JOY. The relevant rewards will be delivered within one week after the event ends.

The “Love on-chain Lasts Forever” event held by AWARE with ShineChain started this week and has attracted hundreds of participants up to now. The relevant rewards will be delivered within 3 workdays after the event ends.

— — The progress of AWARE new lock-up program:

A total of 23441333.1489974 AT has been locked in the new demand lock-up program for senior members in the new version of APP to date, from which users can enjoy daily interest as well as withdraw anytime. Users whose lock-up amount is greater than 500,000 AT will enjoy an annual lock-up interest ranging from 6% to 10%. Apart from this, they can also gain profits and interest from mining activities and enjoy the various rights for members in the future on the APP.

— — The progress of AWARE new lock-up program:

The demand lock-up services for Korean users and other users outside China is now available, from which users can enjoy daily interest as well as withdraw anytime. Users whose lock-up amount is greater than 500,000 AT will enjoy an annual lock-up interest ranging from 6% to 10%. So far, 4 users have already participated in the lock-up with a total of 1280905.77 AT locked.

Community Affairs

— — Notification of the early unlocking for one-year lock-up participants:

By the end of last week, we had received from 265 users replies to the confirmation emails on the early unlocking for one-year lock-up participants. 253 users received their one-year lock-up rewards while there are still 19 users who haven’t replied to the email. The reply will be taken as the proof and promise whether a user agrees to continue the lock-up. Please reply as required in time if you haven’t after confirming that the information is correct.

— — Progress of AT token swap:

We opened the channel again for them to swap AT with AWR on July 31. Up to now, 163 users who haven’t swapped token have registered and the token conversion for 133 of them was completed.

If you didn’t swap token, please contact the community admin and register with your personal information, AWR address, AWR amount and your personal IMtoken address and then transfer your AWR to official main Qtum address of AWARE: QczKGCc3uK97SjbVnHhXGxaFmRpHDzpk9i

We’ll complete the swap for you within fixed time.

— — Progress of the continuous buy-back:

The continuous buy-back goes on with a total of 121,000,000 AT reclaimed to date. The AT repurchased will be used for community construction and as community incentives for future product on the platform. Your supervision is highly welcome.

The buy-back address:


The official launch of the Q&A product on Wednesday will help generate diversified structural data for AWARE APP, aggregate community value information, create tools and use scenes and inspire more users to contribute user generated content, providing full data for comprehensive search. AWARE APP Q & A Pioneers have been recruited and we highly welcome the participation of big players in the industry to share their wisdom and gain AT.

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