AWARE Weekly Update (March 18, 2019- March 24, 2019)

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“AWARE of Good Token”! Welcome to AWARE weekly update (March 18, 2019- March 24, 2019), where we announce the progress of AWARE project in terms of community products, promotion, investment, collaboration and teamwork. The weekly update is jointly presented and maintained by the AWARE team.

Please contact us at should you have any questions.

Product and Techniques

— — Major product and technical progress:

1. The multiple use scenes of AT outside AWARE APP were planned;

2. The superior resources were analyzed and the strategic development of AWARE large platform continues to be discussed;

3. The technology selection was reappraised based on the idea of the large platform;

4. The event tracking statistic scheme of market information and Q & A data was optimized.

Data and Content

— — Major data and content progress:

1. 48 projects of the secondary market have been updated, the project information of which was input and logos produced;

2. Daily review and maintenance of articles and the Q & A sector;

3. The logos of 48 projects were produced and uploaded.

Business and Marketing

1. Ms. Shi Tang, head of Biki, was invited in AWARE Project Q & A to share on how blockchain tokens vitalize the real economy and the classic transformation cases of real economy tokens in Biki. Follow its project homepage to find more about the Q & A!

2. AWARE “Daily Top Answers” are posted continuously on its Wechat public account, official micro-blog account and Jinse Caijing;

3. The continuous buy-back by AWARE Foundation goes on with a total of 196,500,000 AT reclaimed to date. The AT repurchased will be used for community construction and as community incentives for future product on the platform.

The buy-back address:

Outlook of the Week

BuckWallet is invited in AWARE Project Q & A on March 26. Follow its project homepage and participate in the Q & A to win red packets of EOS and invitation code for wallet registration!

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"AWARE of Good Token"! AWARE is creating a distributed search and community platform for blockchain projects. Website:

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