AWARE Weekly Update (September 3, 2018-September 9, 2018)

“AWARE of Good Token”! Welcome to AWARE weekly update (September 3, 2018-September 9, 2018), where we announce the progress of AWARE project in terms of community products, promotion, investment, collaboration and teamwork. The weekly update is jointly presented and maintained by the AWARE team.

Please contact us at should you have any questions.

Product and Techniques

— — Major product progress:

1. The interactive display and UI of project articles followed by users on the homepage were designed;

2. The interaction and UI of the messaging system were designed;

3. The questioning and answering procedure concerning the Q & A was optimized;

4. The input rules and restrictions and prompts related to the Q & A were modified;

5. Some of the description of “My Page” was modified.

— — Major technical progress:

1. AWARE APP V. 2.1 was released;

2. A rich text editor on PC was developed;

3. Rules for top search and mining ranking were adjusted;

4.The sorting of popular questions was adjusted.

— — Major data and content progress:

1. The CMS system of the Q & A has been optimized;

2. The regular update and maintenance of project data with the newly–added pages of popular projects including Wutiao, Fuxi Tongbao and Fibos.

Business and Marketing

1. Mr. Pengfei Wang, founder of Traceability Chain, was invited in “AWARE Project Q & A” this week, to share on the theme of “Value Investment in the Perspective of TACChain”, which attracted over 4000 participants in the event, helped increase the project followers from less than 10 to 449 and generated a total of nearly 100 questions and answers. The project aggregated quality content and allowed the real-time discussion among users who in turn have an in-depth knowledge of the project development.

2. With the release of AWARE V. 2.1, the number of AWARE APP users has largely increased, through the marketing and AWARE essay collection for the in-depth Q & A. The “Invitation to Friends”event will be launched next week, so stay tuned.

3. The third “AWARE Project Q & A” ended. Alex Witt, CFO of SwftCoin, was invited in AWARE Q & A, and the airdrop event started at 20:00 on September 10th CST!

Community Operation

— — The essay collection event for in-depth answer has started:

The first essay collection event for AWARE in-depth has started and 34 users have participated in the event so far who contributed tens of in-depth Q & A and over 20 simple Q & A. Up to now, the user who ranks the first has received nearly 200 comments and likes. The final winners will be selected based on the quality of users’ in-depth answers as well as their activity and the first-prize winner will be awarded with an iPad and 10,000 AT. Your participation is highly welcome.

— — AWARE Community lucky draw event ended:

The second AWARE project Q & A started at 20:00 on September 5 CST and a community lucky draw event was held to reward users for their active participation. This lucky draw has spread in more than 200 group chat rooms and 9 people won the prizes. Delicate peripherals, mugs, will be mailed to the addresses submitted by these users within three days. Please check it out.

— — The re-establishment of the community, hierarchical management and the steady improvement of the official account:

The number of AWARE community members has increased to 8965 so far and hierarchical management is being applied to the community in user management. Active users are enlivened irregularly. The content of AWARE official account has been updated constantly and the future independent account will provide further content of value for community users.

— — The progress of AWARE new lock-up program:

A total of 24527255.9630974 AT AT is locked in the demand lock-up program for senior members on the new version of AWARE APP from which users can enjoy daily interest as well as withdraw anytime. Users whose lock-up amount is greater than 50,000 AT will enjoy an annual lock-up interest ranging from 6% to 12%. Apart from the interest, lock-up participants will also enjoy earnings for mining and various rights for members in the future product.

— — The progress of lock-up program for users outside China:

So far, 12 foreign users have already participated in the lock-up with a total of 2212399.0091 AT locked. The demand lock-up services for users outside China is now still available, from which users can enjoy daily interest as well as withdraw anytime. Users whose lock-up amount is greater than 500,000 AT will enjoy an annual lock-up interest ranging from 6% to 12%.

Community Affairs

— — Notification of the early unlocking for one-year lock-up participants:

By the end of last week, there still are 15 users who haven’t replied to the confirmation email. The reply will be taken as the proof and promise whether a user agrees to continue the lock-up. Please reply as required in time if you haven’t after confirming that the information is correct.

— — Progress of AT token swap:

We opened the channel again for them to swap AT with AWR on July 31. Up to now, 165 users who haven’t swapped token have registered and the token conversion for 142 of them was completed.

If you didn’t swap token, please contact the community admin and register with your personal information, AWR address, AWR amount and your personal IMtoken address and then transfer your AWR to official main Qtum address of AWARE: QczKGCc3uK97SjbVnHhXGxaFmRpHDzpk9i

We’ll complete the swap for you within fixed time.

— — Progress of the continuous buy-back:

The continuous buy-back goes on with a total of 134,000,000 AT reclaimed to date. The AT repurchased will be used for community construction and as community incentives for future product on the platform. Your supervision is highly welcome.

The buy-back address:


The “AWRE Project Q & A” will continue, being the main part of AWARE official website, and every week, 2 to 3 project founders will be invited to share wherein. AWARE “In-depth Answer Essay Collection” event helps in-depth Q & A in attracting and discovering more users with originality and to continuously improve the quality of the data content on AWARE APP.

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