co-creators: HELDER SILVA

Instagram account: @heldersilva9; Medium account: Hélder Silva

Helder Silva is 18 years old. He was Born in Portugal and lives in Germany.

Fashion and drawing is an old passion for him and as a kid his hobby was to make fashion sketches. He remembers making fashion designs on the back of his school books. Helder moved to Germany in search of better professional opportunities.

For him, fashion has no limits and for that he is always creating unique pieces that reflect his ideas. With a mix of classic and modern lines, Helder loves to get ideas from different cultures. He believes that no matter where you come from and what’s your style, you should always feel good on your clothes.

Fashion is a form of expressing how we feel and who we are.

What is your current role? I’m an Industrial maintenance technician. I always liked fashion and drawing, hence the passion for design. For me design is not just the creation of a piece but also to know the best way to combine with others. Whenever I have free time, I always try to draw something new.

What inspires you to create? In my creations I always try to think of different cultures, architecture and art. These are the main points that inspire me in my creations.

How would you describe the style of your design? What this design brings innovative and unique to the world? I think my design is classic but with new lines. When I create I always try to look for something that was not yet seen, something new, new forms and ideas. Something that create impact with society.

Who do you design for? I design for myself, because when I do is something that makes me feel good about myself. Besides that just to show friends and public of the social networks.

Have you ever worked on a collaborative project before? Do you think collaborative design can be the future for fashion? For the first time I am participating in a collaborative project and since then I think it’s an excellent idea especially in the fashion industry as there is a lot of people with enormous talent for fashion design but for unfortunately don’t have the possibility of bringing their ideas to life. I definitely think the collaborative design can be the big step into the future of fashion.

On your opinion what makes a product desirable? It depends on the tastes and styles of each person. For a product to be desirable, it must first have quality. Other than that it will have to be a product in which the person feels good and comfortable with it.

Who is your favourite designer or brand? Can you afford to purchase items from them? If not, where do you alternatively buy your clothes from? TOMMY HILFIGER is one of my favorite designers and sometimes I buy its products. Besides that I also like VALENTINO, DIOR and YVES SAINT LAURENT.

If you could be involved on the design of a piece of clothing or a collection from the past, what would it be? Christian Dior in his first collection in 1947: “THE NEW LOOK REVOLUTION”, a collection that has a success that still inspires DIOR’s creations nowadays.

What music are you listening to now? I hear a little of everything, but pop and house, or minimal deep house, are the music styles that suit me. Booka Shade is one of the artists I listen the most to.

Please share with us an artist or a piece of art that inspires you. Why does it inspire you? Kandinsky, due to the geometry set used with the touch of color that is reflected in his works of art.

If you were given a choice of having only one colour to use for the rest of your life, what would it be? It would be “white” because it’s a color that gives me peace and that makes me feel good. Also because I think white always looks good on a piece of clothing.

Please share a film you could watch over and over again. The Devil wears Prada.

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