10 things for writers this week

Intuitive storytelling for you and your kids…

Hey there, happy Sunday!

Here are 10 things for writers this week:

  1. I may have shared before how much our family loves the Sparkle Stories podcast for kids. We’ve been loyal listeners since the very beginning. The hosts’ new podcast for parents, SparkleCast, is an insightful look into why storytelling is so important for kids, and how to use stories at home and in the classroom. (I really liked this episode about helping kids to become intuitive storytellers.)
  2. What we write about when we’re not writing.
  3. My favorite online read this week: “Many of my memorable headlines simply came to me in a flash,” Ms. Schneider said. “I could have thought all day about them, and it wouldn’t have done me any good at all.” Stephen Hiltner on how to write a New York Times headline
    + My other favorite online read this week: “We tend to assume that creativity wanes with age. But Dr. Goodenough’s story suggests that some people actually become more creative as they grow older.” Pagan Kennedy says to be a genius, think like a 94 year old.
  4. 37 free marketing and social media workshops to elevate your skills today. (I paid good money for a university-level class by the same name as #26.)
  5. Why do old books smell so good? (And did you know you can buy an Old Books candle?)
    + Fascinating: Can you judge a book by its odor?
  6. Two books I bought this week (after reading about them at these links): The Halo Effect, which appeals to my cynicism about 10-Step Proven Paths to Success, and Bleaker House, which looks like an entirely delightful memoir(ish?) about “failing to write a novel in the most distraction-free place on Earth.”
  7. A cool experiment in authorship and ownership: this e-book gets edited every time it changes hands.
  8. A couple weeks back, I sent some of my extra books to two subscribers (hi, Chris and Jordan!). If you’ve got extra books to pass on, or are trying to track down a new read of your own, turns out, there’s an app for that.
  9. A cool new feature in the NYT: Match Book is an advice column for book lovers.
  10. “There’s a whole crop of new writers coming up who will be forced to rely on their natural instincts and God-given talents as they try to make a name for themselves in a publishing environment that has an endless appetite for content — the edgier and faster the better — without the benefit of thorough, agonizing, purifying editing. It’s unfair to them.” Matt Gurney on editors as an endangered species.

Thanks for reading! See you next Sunday.


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