Percussionist to Progammer v1.3.2

We’re over halfway through Javascript right now, and it’s starting to feel like it. Our assignments are becoming more complex, which I really like. Today’s assignment was to create an HTML form via JS DOM manipulation. I was able to complete the assignment (including the bonus) before the assignment was due. I even had enough time to go back and refactor my code so it was dry.

In my self-study, I am still learning Node with Express and MongoDB. Today I built a friend database app. You can easily add or remove friends from your friend list. The next step I am working on is updating the profile info for each friend in your friend list. I didn’t realize how much routing all of this takes. It’s really easy for me to get lost in all of these routes, keeping track of posts, gets, renders, and redirects. On top of that, I have to make sure the correct variables are passed from one route to the next. If you like problem solving, Node is for you. I find it fascinating, as this app is like one big math problem.

Right now I think I’m about two or three weeks ahead of the coursework in my self-study. I’m happy with my current trajectory. The days are long and I’m working hard. I’ve been the first person in the building every day since class started, and I’m one of the very last to leave. I also code at home in the evenings. I know this career change won’t happen easily, so I’m going to continue to give it everything I’ve got.