Still Learning NodeJS

So I’ve been learning NodeJS on my own for a bit. It has been going fairly well, I think. The Udemy course I am taking seems to be pretty good so far, but it is a lot of learning about what goes on under the hood still. I am hoping this gives me a pretty solid foundation when I actually start using Node. Since we didn’t have class today, I was able to spend a good amount of time working through the Udemy course.

I don’t necessarily need to feel like I’ve mastered NodeJS before we get into the back-end section of our learning at The Iron Yard. I just want to know enough that I can really absorb what Eric and Doug are teaching us. That is the main goal.

Additionally, I have migrated all of my blog posts from WordPress to Medium. I like the sleek look of Medium, as well as the lack of ads. From this point on, I will be writing on here instead. Happy 4th of July!