Percussionist to Programmer — v1.1.3

Today was my third day at The Iron Yard. We are writing more code than we were the first two days. The rest of this week will be spent doing a lot of CSS.

Our reading assignment tonight is over float properties and flexbox. I’ve messed around with floats quite a bit before starting TIY, but I never understood all the logic behind them. A lot of stuff became clearer now. I learned that the parent element of a float element ignores the height of the float element. I also learned that the incorrect way to “fix” this is to use overflow:hidden. The better way is the Clearfix Hack.

We are also learning about flexbox, which I’ve used very little, and definitely didn’t understand how it was working before now. Flexbox is my new favorite part of CSS. It will definitely be my go-to from here on out instead of floating elements.

I had a little bit of extra time today to continue learning iOS app development. I completed a coding challenge that sort of tells a story, and you select one of two answers. The next part of the story is determined by your answer. It’s a pretty cool idea, and I was excited that I was able to complete the challenge. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to build an app like that completely from scratch with no guidance.

Tomorrow we will work on both float elements and flexbox, and be given a much larger assignment at the end of the day. I think JavaScript might begin next week.