Frank Parker

My hubby picked up on the Lucy Powell one. And I answered, ‘But she is not in the Shadow Cabinet, so her input is not important’. I think the majority of really politically aware Brits do know that it is Angela Rayner who matters. I have to say that I have learned more about Labour education policy since July 16 than from September 15 until July 16. But I am not surprised. Lack of support for Jeremy was noticeable and deeply embarrassing long before the coup. I had to take the fight to the Tories a month ago when it was clear that Grammar Schools were to be reintroduced and that it was about maintaining class and not improving social mobility.

I guess the coup’ers are worried about this exciting new Shadow Cabinet. What can I say but: animated, keen, believable, caring. This is what I had been expecting since last September but it never happened until the mass resignations. Having spent several months on FB, I was well aware of this new bunch of hightly animated youngish MPs waiting in the wings to take over. They have already proved their Labour credentials.

Great article.

Keep it up.


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