Week 6 was pretty decent for Rodgers, the quarterback from the Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers gave a good performance that ranks him the 10th best quarterback in week 6. He receives 19.6 fantasy points at FantasyData. This is how his points are rewarded: Compared to the other QBs in week 6, Rodgers gave a decent performance against the San Diego Chargers. He managed a total of 255 passing yards, with the average at 235.73 yards, he ranks 16th amongst all QBs. He receives 10.2 fantasy points for this. Rodgers gave a great performance and played with excellent accuracy. He threw 2 touchdown passes, which earns him 5th place out of 25 QBs. He receives 8 fantasy points for this. At the end of the game he had a passer rating of 55.2%, with 16 completions out of 29 attempts. All in all he obtains 19.6 fantasy points at FantasyData with his performance. DraftKings awards 19.6 points. FanDuel values him with 19.6 points. Will the quarterback also be able to show his skill next time in the away game against the Denver Broncos?