Time to change. I know some people has their plan to change. Some has their own goals in life which they think it’ll bring them high and will make people to see them different. And I think, i’m one of them. I really want to change. Change my daily routines, my hobbies, my personality, my looks and what so ever. I don’t really know the reason. Maybe I’m insecure? Insecure to those people who has something that I can’t have? I admit, I have some little thoughts about insecurities, but I want to do this because of myself. I want to be the best version of my damn self even though I know it’s hard, I’ll still try my very best to achieve it. So I decided to make a change. To make myself a more better person and bring the bests of me. Because me, myself, and I, know that this change will bring me a beautiful beggining.

I admit, I am insecure. Society sometimes degrades our vision of ourselves. We tend to achieve perfection to rise above among other women, when in fact the goals should be attaining betterment, not for the mass but for ourselves. As what I’ve always quoted , “perfection is a loss cost.” so love the body you’re in, beautiful and healthy does not always have to be size 0.
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