Tweeting to Success in EID100

As an avid user of social media, I was lucky to take a class where marks can be gained by tweeting on twitter. With EID100, you can easily earn class participation marks by actively participating on twitter and interacting with Professor Am Sagarwala and his bot on the course account @EID100_RU.

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For those who have never used Twitter, don’t be intimidated by one of social media’s biggest platforms. It’s actually quite simple to use!

First, what is Twitter? Twitter is a large social networking service used for a variety of interactions, mostly as a online news service to find out what’s happening in the world. Users can communicate to the public and with each other via “tweets”, which are quick messages. Tweets can comprise of text, photos, videos, and links, with a limit of up to 140 characters of text.

So, how do you use Twitter and how can you gain participation marks in EID100? Here are some steps:

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  1. Create a Twitter account and set up your unique profile. Remember to have good netiquette. Fill in the EID100 Initiation Form, which links your Twitter account and blog to the course. Don’t forget to follow the course account @EID100_RU on Twitter.
  2. Follow other Twitter accounts that interest you. However, what’s helpful in particular to this course is following relatable accounts that can create conversation or has relatable content to EID100. Following accounts suited to your interests will also create a diverse and interesting news feed for your twitter.
  3. Mention @EID100_RU in your tweets to gain participation marks. You can tweet to EID100 links to articles or videos you find interesting or relatable to course content. You can also reply to other interesting tweets while mentioning @EID100_RU. Finally, you can also “quote” a tweet you find and mention @EID100_RU in your response. These are all ways to use tweets in earning participation marks! Just make sure to mention @EID100_RU, otherwise, your tweet will go unnoticed!
  4. Participate in the midterm and final review. Professor Sagarwala will specify in the lectures when it is time to use the hashtags #EID100midterm, #EID100final, or whichever hashtag he specifies for the review. To get maximum review marks, you must make up two questions related to the midterm or final and answer three of your classmates questions under the hashtags. Most importantly, do not forget to mention the hashtag when asking questions or else @EID100_RU and your classmates may not be able to see your question. In total, you would need two questions created and three answers for each exam period.
Source: Alex Zhang’s Twitter

Simple right? Now go tweet to success!

Source: Giphy