Serverless Cost Reduction

Recently I’ve written a post on my blog about adding Serverless to your web app. The idea here is to be able to integrate Serverless technologies to your existing projects, so you can both start learning the principals of Serverless as well as benefit from the increased efficiency.

Related to that, I would also like to share Trek10’s analysis comparing AWS Lambda pricing with M4.large:

From Trek10

As you can see, for relatively low-end requests, you can move a large number of those to AWS Lambda and save a lot on cost.

Most average CMS requests take around 128MB/256MB of RAM as the CMS queries cache (or database), does some light data manipulation, and presents it to the user.

In many of these cases, there’s just no need to have a huge m4.large machine just running 24/7 when it’s only being accessed 5000 times an hour.

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