Weekly Journal 9


2:00-4:00 P.M. Reading of William Deresiewicz’ article, “Solitude and Leadership.”

I don’t necessarily have any questions from Deresiewicz writing as I think fundamentally me and him have similar ideals. However I don’t agree with all of his views on solidarity. I do think that solidarity is key for a leader to form his own opinions/thoughts etc. but I think solidarity has to be balanced with observation of others if not interaction. I say this as a leader has to be able to come up with things for himself but to me a really good leader can go the further step and come up with things for others. Anyway I didn’t really see that in Deresiewicz writing and think that it is very important and shouldn’t be left off.

Bonus Song (Some days deserve two)


6:00–7:30 P.M. “Solitude and Leadership.” Questions and Studying.

  • According to Deresiewicz what it means to be alone with your thoughts is to be able to think without outside interference/influence.
  • One can achieve this true solidarity by practicing sculpting their own thoughts probably best done by taking the time out to really carve their own ideas.

Challenges Faced In Thinking for Yourself

  • Constantly learning because I’m in school.
  • Perception naturally changes and that affects thought.
  • I care deeply about what others think.
  • Certain things I don’t know enough about to create my own thoughts without some influence or insight from someone else.
  • So many factors go into things I might only be considering a fraction of things.


7:00–10:00 P.M. Summary of Questions

The best way for me to summarize the questions addressed in this course is to list them out and try to answer them.

  • What are the challenges of leadership?
  1. Knowing whats good 2. Group participation 3. What motive a leader should have
  • What are aspects of leadership role?
  1. Responsibility
  2. Accountability
  3. Prestige
  4. Authority
  • Emotional or Psychopathic leader?

This is all based on preference but I’m more in support of emotional leaders.

  • What are the traits of a leader?

Too many to answer in completion.

These are the basic questions we’ve covered that really represent the course.



In today’s class we spent the beginning of class talking about our spring breaks. Although I did not share, I was all ears when I heard other students share their ASB Flint Michigan experiences. From what the other students said a conversation sprouted about how the future of Flint youth is looked down upon and what it takes to raise the youth of Flint Michigan to basically what are humane conditions in terms of what can be expected from America’s youth. I honestly was really surprised as a few students believe that an improved educational system/better teachers is what it will take. Although I am pro education and feel that I would be nowhere without the teachers that have helped mold me, I recognize that education only goes so far and areas like Flint need so much more than that. I really think that eradicating the lack of opportunity and economic disparities that plague areas like Flint would make all the difference. For example Flint once being a city booming with opportunity from industrial work (ie. steel mills, car manufactures, etc.), many of those industries have/are died/dying out which has created this huge gap in opportunity. If those opportunities were to come back, per say a current industry or field securing economic growth was to set up in Flint and that industry/field gave jobs, internships, OPPORTUNITIES TO THE PEOPLE OF FLINT. Before I start unraveling or rambling point, black, period the whole shabang is that if you show/present a people a future then they’re more likely to have a future. I have so much more to say about this but it’s getting late and I need to sleep. Hopefully my argument isn’t too choppy. If anyone comes across this post and has a refutation or any form of opposition come at me I stand by my word like the guy below.

Anyway we also covered exam 1 in class I feel that I didn’t really study as well as I should have so I’m not mad at my score and will so my utmost best to ace exam 2.


9:00–12: A.M. Rereading of William Deresiewicz’ article, “Solitude and Leadership.” and Studying

All I did was read and study.