At the young age of 23, I sit back and look over my life and I begin to think of the things that I have been through. I begin to anger myself thinking about the things that I have been through. I realize that some of the things that I have been through had nothing to do with the actions of my own. I began to feel pity for myself but from that point in my life I realize that some of those things are easy to get over being that those were things that I have not done to myself. Some of the things that I needed to teach myself after watching a video of one of my friends. She stated, “You were violated and now you violate yourself.” Hearing her say that, really motivated me to really think about my life.

In life we have many mistakes and we experience things that seems to come right out of the air. I realize that the closer I get to Christ and in my faith, that I begin to get that feeling of conviction. I get upset with myself because of life’s situations but when you have prayed all night long, you have asked God for forgiveness, God tells you that it will be okay. You may be asking how does God tell you that it is okay. Well here are a few things:

  1. You could have received the true consequences of your mistakes/failures
  2. You could have been ostracized, imprisoned, or exiled
  3. You loved would have turned on you
  4. That night you could have died
  5. You could have tried to kill yourself

I want to let you one important thing, YOU ARE STILL HERE! If things would have went the way that they should have gone it could have been the end for you BUT GOD! God allowed you to fix your mistakes and learn from them. Have you ever sat back and thought, God was this something that was sent by you? ( we will get into that on another blog)

Looking at your circumstances you can see that the issues that you have but know one thing, THAT DOES NOT DEFINE YOU! You can be saved, and have a good relationship but apart of that relationship is striving to be better. You have to continue to push yourself to your purpose and your destiny. Everyday we are getting better and stronger!