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Game Journalists’ and Critics’ Crowdfunding Accounts

To confirm for ourselves if Game Journalists and Critics are disclosing their crowdfunding support correctly based on their company policy, I made this list consisting of many Patreon and Kickstarter accounts. I hope this is useful to you.

Last Updated —August 24, 2015


PART 1 — The Escapist, Polygon, IGN, Kotaku, Destructoid, Rock Paper Shotgun, Eurogamer, Game Informer, Ars Technica

PART 2 — GameSpot, Gamasutra, GamesBeat / VentureBeat, PC Gamer, Giant Bomb, The Verge, Engadget, Gametrailers, Shacknews, Indie Haven, HonestGamers

PART 3 — Other Gaming Websites, Freelance, Critics / Former Journalists, Other

Many Crowdfunding Conflicts of Interest (as well as other types of COIs) were found thanks to Robin (click here for the list)

If you find an account you want to add or code of ethics for a website, please contact me on twitter. Please note I had no luck with many journalists, so to save time, ask me which person you want to find before trying.

You might wonder if some of these accounts are actually theirs. I added people here if:
1 — the account has a similar backer/patron history. For example, some disclose which KS they backed that matches KS accounts I found.
2 — the account resembles their other social media accounts (avatar, alias, location).
3 — the projects supported were created by journalists/video game websites/friends, supported by other journalists, or journalism-related.

I labelled accounts I wasn't 100% certain of as (not sure). We can always ask them if it really is theirs or not.
I labelled accounts that didn't support video games, developers, publishers, or consultancy firms as (no video games) (tabletop games, video games books or writing, consoles (ex. OUYA), and journalists do not count). Patreon users can pledge for any given time, so this label may be incorrect in the future.

Note #1: Please check if any of them disclosed information on articles they wrote for it, if any, before making any accusations. I didn’t check if every person listed had conflicts of interest.

Note #2: Remember to cross-check journalists’ work history with the time a Kickstarter was funded.

Note #3: I didn’t list Indiegogo accounts because it is the least popular crowdfunding platform of the “big three” and is even harder to find accounts for than it is for Kickstarter.

Note #4: I archived everything on Jan 22–23 so they will be out of date as time goes on. You might also notice that I didn’t archive every tweet to verify some KS accounts. I got lazy after a while.

Crowdfunding Account Privacy

It is not possible to view the amount of money pledged by each backer.
If a person makes their Patreon account private, you can no longer see the projects they’ve supported or created.

It is not possible to view the amount of money pledged by each backer.
There are no privacy settings to hide an account. Kickstarter made it impossible to find accounts using a search engine (try finding one). If an account is deleted, the account name will still be on the backer list as well as any comments left on projects, project updates, or the blog with the word (deleted) next to it.