I’ve always wanted a better way to keep up with friends and family by wishing them a happy birthday. Most people post something short and sweet when they see the notification on Facebook while they’re surfing the feed for a fresh dopamine hit. Yes, I’m one of those people who doesn’t use their Facebook anymore.

So for those of you who are like me (don’t use Facebook and want to wish others a happy birthday via text) keep reading to see how I built a little platform to help me accomplish this.

A screenshot from an iPhone with sample birthday bot text messages
A screenshot from an iPhone with sample birthday bot text messages

The Goal — Create a Birthday Bot 🤖

The goal is to receive a text message…

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Technical analysis is a form of analysis that uses patterns in market data to identify trends and make predictions. While it’s common to perform technical analysis on forex or security prices, let’s see what technical analysis looks like on cryptocurrencies.

I have some 1-minute interval prices for Bitcoin/USD in a CSV file and I’ll use some Ruby to perform some quick technical analysis by calculating the Simple Moving Average (SMA).

Getting started

First things first, go ahead and create a new folder to save your work. Change directory into this folder on your command line by doing:

cd YourNewFolderPathcd Documents/Projects/crypto/technical_analysis


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Diversity. The biggest topic in recruiting at the moment, companies all over the globe are scrambling to become thought leaders (ugh) on the subject by trying out new ways to make the traditional recruitment process more diverse. Strategies that first come to mind are things like a more meritocratic approach using an anonymous work sample submission and partnering with a 3rd party that recruits and trains diverse individuals. Here are the 3 biggest misconceptions about diversity.

1. The definition of diversity

“Diversity is being invited to the party; Inclusion is being asked to dance.”

Diversity in corporate terms and in headlines is often defined by…

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You’ve heard of the concept of “passive income”. You’ve seen it on LinkedIn influencer posts. You’ve seen it on Instagram about how you can make money online. It’s everywhere. The idea of maximizing returns while minimizing effort is what passive income is really all about.

Let’s break this concept down further. What is at the core of passive income? Making a lot of money? The income piece sticks out, but what I find most interesting is the passive piece. What happens when you apply the idea of being passive to other areas besides income? …

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