So whenever a MTG core set comes out, WoTC generally inserts a few cards that mesh well with the forthcoming block. So what I’m gonna do is look through the set and see what conjectures I can make.

What’s that? Spoilers are already coming out so this blog post is kind of cheating?

So, without further ado, the conjectures!

Walls Theme

We know that the color combination of White-Green-Black, known as the Abzan , is going to be very much an attrition based clan, stalling the opponent and eventually running them out of resources. Funny enough, Wall of Mulch, Wall of Essence, and Wall of Limbs compliment this very well, with the walls of essence and limbs both working in conjunction and really complimenting the “long game” strategy. The Wall of Mulch is a bit of an outlier here, albeit still a good card.

Preeminent Captain

What is this guy doing here?

There are so few soldiers that I can’t help but wonder if there’s gonna be a soldier subtheme in Khans block. It’s not like he’s a staple in Modern or Eternal formats, so I can’t help but be perplexed by his inclusion.

Black with Convoke

Black isn’t really a color that makes much sense with convoke. Black is all about solitary power, not so much working together. I think that the fact that black can convoke cards, especially cards such as Unmake the Graves and Endless Obedience could potentially demonstrate a graveyard tokens theme in Khans, maybe with the Sultai Brood(BUG)?

Crucible of Fire

Pheddagriffs. Definitely.


Blue has a lot of tempo spells like Void Snare, Into the Void, Peel from Reality, etc. Maybe this could hint something? (what? spoilers show this to be true?)

And that’s all I could find for now! When I see more of the set I’ll do a post tying core set cards to the cards in Khans.

I know this was short, but WoTC is really clever with their little tricks. Remember the Guildgates from Ravinica?

Until next time.

~Jasper Egge

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