I Tweeted to 3 of the biggest UK supermarkets — see what happened

I use Twitter on a daily basis — mainly for news. I love it. I think it’s an excellent tool. I loved it so much I have two accounts. The one I use most is for my blog The Emerging Market Hub and I have another for personal stuff, which I decided not to reveal for this post. But I hadn’t used them as a customer service tool yet — not until last Friday.

London was fairly hot last Friday (obviously not as hot as Brazil) but I felt like having an ice cream. The only problem is I’m lactose intolerant. Btw, I haven’t had any dairy since 2004.

Luckily for me, I live close to 3 supermarkets: The Cooperative, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. However, I simply could not find a dairy free ice cream. None of them had any dairy free options. I was really disappointed, so decided to Tweet it.

The Co-operative’s response:

The response time was less than 24 hours, which I think is within reason.

It was nice of them to ask me which type or brand I’d prefer. However I felt that they would just log in my complaint and that’s it. I’ve become just another statistic. No further communication after that.

I’m curious to see if they will start stocking dairy free ice-cream any time soon.

My overall experience with their Twitter response would be 5 out of 10.

Tesco’s response:

The response time was less than 1 hour, which I thought, as far as I know, is pretty quick. I was quite impressed by it.

The best thing was to suggest me another location — although Stroud Green is not far from where I live, it’s not that close either — it’s about a 15 minute bus journey. That’s why I suggested that they should stock it in Archway, as it is a much central and busier location.

However that’s what they replied:

Yes, the one in Archway is a Tesco Express store, smaller in size. They also have Tesco Metro, which as slightly larger in size, perhaps with more diverse products. To be honest, sometimes I can’t tell the difference between them.

Anyway, I was a bit sceptical with that limited freezer space excuse, but I decided to run with it.

I wonder why they also asked me my full name and address, perhaps they will send me some vouchers. So far, I haven’t received anything.

My overall experience with their response was 8 out of 10. I ended up going to Stroud Green and bought some dairy free ice cream. I guess they managed to persuade me.

As for Sainsbury’s…well, four days later, I’m still waiting for their response. I wonder if they will ever reply.

UPDATE 12/05/16: On Tuesday when I tweeted this blog post, got a response from Sainsbury’s saying they couldn’t find my original tweet. Finally this morning, got a response from them, saying they put a product request to get some stocked. Total response time: 6 days

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