Why this project?
Who is writing, a few days ago, after downloading the social platform “wechat” to stay in touch with distant friends, tried the function called “Shake”. For the uninitiated, the story is very simply: by shaking the phone, you can connect with people, anywhere in the world, who is shaking the phone at the same time. The chance would have to shake the phone, in another point of the world, A or B, that is, there was a person in a way not so foreign. Him and the many men and women like him we hear about every day. People who run away from their home, in this case because in his country there is war. Bombs. Usually, those like him you know or want to know about is if he is dead, and if he is alive, it can be dangerous, who will host and who is the relevance of the “problem”, and how long it is going to cost.
We talked for a few days and we decided togethere to share as much as possible live by using social media, his journey “from A to B”, how would Google maps do. Everything will be always shared in the first instance through wechat, then here, to go beyond what we as we are told, is only one of many in the roulette of migration at most gets out alive or dead. No claim moralizing, no. But it’s not even a story of a journey from A to B on a screen, for him as for other thousands people, this “A to B” is the difference between life and death. And I am with him.

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