Foolproof Formula to Crack GRE

Every year thousands of candidates take GRE — Graduate Record Exam. One of the most popular standardized tests for students, GRE involves a set of general and subject tests. The exam is the entrance to a program of your choice.

Let us get to know some GRE study tips to prepare for this exam.

Verbal Reasoning

It is one of the three sections that constitutes GRE test. This section tests candidates’ ability to understand and analyze high-level prose through two tasks. Each of these tasks should be completed within 30 minutes. Each task involves three categories of MCQs — 1. Reading comprehension 2. Sentence completion 3. Sentence equivalence. It is followed by an overview of each type of questions.

Quantitative Reasoning

Quantitative reasoning forms the second section of GRE test. It is considered the lengthiest as well as the most important part of all the three sections. It is a test to mathematical and numerical abilities of the candidate. This section analyzes four fundamental skills — Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Data Analysis. While following your GRE study plans, it is important that you revise the high school concepts related to these sections.

Analytical Writing

Analytical writing is the last section of GRE test. It includes a section where a candidate needs to think and write analytically. The section consists of two essays for 30 minutes each. The former skill is tested by putting an issue while in the latter is tested via an argument. Based on three assessment criteria, scores are awarded.

Avoid Silly Mistakes

GRE is widely known as one of the most standardized tests as well as one of the most difficult tests in the world. Even a few mistakes can make an adverse impact on your scores and possible prevent you from acquiring a seat in the graduate university of your choice. To avoid this check out some common mistakes GRE aspirants commit in the examination.

It is advisable to opt a GRE preparation course to score well in the exam. The exam is designed in such a way that the curriculum differs from what you have studied in college. It measures candidates’ critical thinking skills, irrespective of what they learned in school. Critical thinking is something you cannot acquire overnight. You can take online practice tests also which includes sample questions, scoring guides, and essay responses. Keep calm and study hard!