Kick starting with your Gmat Preparation? Here are the Tips!

So now you are ready to study for the GMAT. But from where should you begin? Though the demands of preparing for the exam can be overwhelming, but if you know how to kick start, you will set yourself up for the ultimate success. But there are a few things that you should do before you start reading the practice questions and making flashcards:

Learn about the Exam

While researching the basis of GMAT, familiarize yourself with the average scores required at your target schools. Generally, a score of 700 is considered as safe, but if you are aiming for the top 50, you must aim to score at least 650. Therefore, it is absolutely important to approach the GMAT study plan strategically instead of just answering the endless number of sample questions.

Take a Practice Exam

Practice exams are the best way to establish a baseline and it will give you a clear picture of where you actually stand and how far you have to go. Keep in mind that whichever practice exam you choose, it must be computer adaptive, full-length, and timed. In other words, it should be very much similar to the experience of taking the actual GMAT exam. Try to apply the conditions of the exam and set aside 4 hours and turn off your phone.

Create a Study Plan

The most efficacious way to prepare for GMAT is through regular study sessions in 2–6 months before the exam. You should start by focusing on your biggest weaknesses and make sure that all sections of GMAT are not given the same weight. Identify your priorities and work on areas for improvement. Devote majority of your allocated time to the study plan and then spending the rest of the session reviewing the material and quizzing yourself.

Collect your Resources

GMAT test takers have a huge variety of resources available to them. While GMAT preparation books can prove to be a good resource for detailed concept explanations, the study method is often expensive and inefficient. There are many formal test prep courses, but you have to be careful to choose a course that fits your needs. With Kaplan’s GMAT course, you get Kaplan discount on all GMAT preparation online. Kaplan discount code is available to anyone who signs up with any of the Kaplan course and includes access to the GMAT club tests for a time period of 6 months.

Bottom Line

Preparing for the GMAT exam without making a proper study plan is like going on a road trip without even knowing about where you want to go. But once you have made your plan and gathered all the supplies, you are all set to start studying for the GMAT exam.