Give Up!

Sometimes you just got to give up, to realize how far you are from where you want to be. Your goals and ambitions are just mere representations of your thoughts and your thinking. Life is never tough we make it tough by expecting ourselves to do something. We can just turn around and be hippies but no that is not what we want to be.

Getting inspired each day and doing that regularly over a period of time makes you reach where you want to be. Do not get confused between being lazy and being depressed. Some truth is just hard hitting and this is one of them. Stop being lazy and take charge of your life.

Smoking pot all day and watch movies would not change your position in life. Some things should be done to just get a break from your routine and routine is important. Being lazy over a period of time would just leave you lonely. After a period of time your girlfriend will leave you. After a period of time your friends would. Even the closest one, cause everyone has their life to lead on. Life isn’t tough; choices we make in life are.

Your actions lead to consequences and depending on what kind of consequence you need, your actions should align them. Never do the thing that you love. Never! Cause you might end up being depressed about it if you do not achieve the favorable consequence if you do what you love.

Life does not come along with a map. We all set targets for ourselves only because we know the end is inevitable. Movies and videos might inspire you for a day or a week max, but you have to inspire yourself to do what you love or you’ll end up becoming like me; who hates social gathering cause people keep on asking what are you doing in life, you start losing interest in your friends cause you start owing them money. They say they care but that is only for a small period of time.

Stop saying time will heal everything. It is just a reason for you to delay your pain. It is like a snowball. The more you delay your pain the more pain would gather and after a period of time you might get depressed or even suicidal. So stop and just embrace the pain. It is better to do it now rather than waiting for some abstract thought like Time to heal all your worries away.

There is no genie in real life and the sooner you realize this the better it is for you. There is no bigger picture in life other than what is happening is right now. Your decisions will lead you where you go in life. It is simple as that.