How to become a good learner

While learning new things mostly I have difficulties to remember them and as they are new so they are difficult for me. To learn these things in order to get advantage of these things I have a plan of action like I can do extra work and focus on these things extra to than the others.

I have a habit of cramming things which I don’t understand and are difficult so these things confuse me afterwards and I have a lot of trouble while recalling those things as my brain is totally messed up with those things.

After watching these videos I now decide to learn these things logically and put those in a way to understand them not cram them. In this regard I have I have a plan to do exercises to relax my mind and to produce new neurons that can help me think and be efficient while working. As in one of videos it was said to do the most difficult work first in the morning so I also plan to work on this. I have also habit of procrastination and I am lazy while doing my work, often I try to put my work for the next day rather than doing it today so I am planning to work on that. I am not a quick learner so I am determined to learn a little bit daily to make it to my maximum potential. I am also planning to use some metaphors as these are also best things to provide a better learning.