As they say ‘kill with the kindness’. It is a phrase often said if someone treats you badly and after sometimes he is need of help so that you can do him favour and make him obliged to your behaviour.

Well I was going on bike and saw a boy on bike standing at the bank of road, I stopped the bike near him and asked for the problem he told that he has run out of petrol so I caught his hand and helped him to reach nearby petrol pump. He thanked me and I felt some kind of relieved inside.

My friend is sick these days and he is also my roommate so I have to take care of him, just not that he has been very rude me and I want him to be obliged, it’s just because I am obliged to him as whenever and anywhere I need help he is always there for me so I am obliged to him. It is the perhaps result of showing kindness to others always results in kindness for you.

My third story is not about any kindness shown to people but to an animal. One day as I came out of the door of my flat I saw a kitten lying there in front of the door. I saw it and it seemed hungry. I brought him inside and poured him some milk. He drank a little and stopped. Then my friend came to flat who also happened to have cats at his house told me that he was sick. So we both took him to veterinary hospital. Doctor examined and told us some medicines which we took from medical store and gave them to him. Now he is alright and is at friends.

One day I was at Niazi Adda waiting for my bus to leave and I saw a woman asking for help as she had lost her purse. I noticed that she has asked for help from 2 or 3 persons but no one was ready to help her as the circumstances show us many examples of fooling people through this trick but I went to her and asked for problem and she told me all. I came to know that she was from Faisalabad so I searched for bus and paid her rent to Faisalabad and gave some extra rupees in case of need. It made me really happy.

We had our study project to be submitted but due to some unhappy events one of my friends could not submit his project so I woke up all night and did all the work on project and submitted his project.

These are the some life events which made me very happy and sometimes I think of these circumstances I feel proud which is not good but I do.


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