Pomodro Technique

I have putting my lots of works to the next couple of days but after seeing these videos and learning about Pomodro technique I am planning to do those works now. I am planning to write my own book for a long time but I haven’t been able to make time for it whether I have all plans and layout drawn for that but now I am planning to write my book on daily basis.

I am planning to give some time for it daily so that one day sooner or later I will have it written and I am confident that I will do that in a bit of time.

After doing 25 minutes technique I have come to know that I can survive these 25 minutes if I am disconnected to the other world and focusing on my goal which I have been postponing for the 2 years. It also enlightens your brain and put some other ideas which are really beneficial for us regarding to our work.

I those 25 minutes I tried to relax as much as I can and I tried to not to think of anything but then something sparked in my mind which was about the idea for which I was doing that technique. After sometime I found myself really focused on that book and I have a lot of things to add.

This technique is very helpful for me as it has made my idea of working really clear but there were some challenges in focusing for this technique. I tried to focus as much as I could even I switched off my mobile phone but then suddenly there was disturbance which had never been in focus as you tend to notice every bit of movement when you are absolute calm.