Hearing Solutions India


Is it the eyes — the sense organ that we use while driving?

The answer to this is a big “No” as the ability to hear is also essential for safe driving. Every time you are driving at the parking lot, the highway or at the sharp corner, you need to listen to the horns; hence ears play a vital role as a life saver to you.

Time and again, clear hearing has always proven to be a vital part of life. Can you even imagine how drivers suffering from hearing loss ailments manage?

Studies have always proven that the drivers suffering from hearing loss have always found to be more attentive and responsible.

If the brain receptors are not able to function properly and get information from sense organs, then the others start compensating the capabilities. The studies have also proved that the brain becomes more sensitive to the remaining sense organs.

The Hearing Solutions India offers the world class treatment to people who are suffering from hearing loss. It will help people understand how a hearing aid can prove beneficial. Hearing aids are available with a variety of special features.

Hearing Solutions India help patients select the best hearing aid which comes up with a number of special features. You can also select the best hearing aid in 3 stages- through a proper hearing test, detailed counseling basis for listening requirements and experience the sound. It helps folks select a good hearing aid with special accessories. There are some accessories available that connects directly with TV or mobile phone.

Features in Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid users are finding the latest ones with new programmable technology. This latest technology allows the user to adjust the hearing aid to your specific loss. There are other special features also which helps you understand these programmable hearing aids in a better way:

Additional effect of multiple channels

A single channel is not enough! Now a days there are number of hearing aids available which have multiple channels. Each channel represents a portion of frequency range which is important for understanding speech. One more additional benefit of these multiple channels is that it always reflect the changes in the patient’s hearing across frequencies

Directional Microphones can also be beneficial!

If localization of sounds doesn’t bother you, then directional microphones will not be beneficial. Directional microphones aids you get sounds from the side and the back of the user at the same time. It allows the user to hear conversations just from front. Due to the size constraints, the directional technology is not available on CICs, otherwise it can be implied on every hearing aid.

Noise Control can be possible

Hearing Solutions India helps analyze you an incoming signal and differentiate it from a noise signal with the help of a hearing aid. It can be functional in several channels, hence making it work better in hearing aids with more channels.

Wireless Hearing Aids are trending!

Hearing Solutions India helps its employees hear in a better way by offering a special Bluetooth device which can amplify the streamed sound also. It offers people pick sound directly from TV, Mobile phone, music systems etc with less distortion.