How to take care of your Digital Hearing Aids


The summer is here and it brings so many fun things to do like outdoor activities and vacations. One of the important things on someone’s mind at this age is how to keep your ears clean and healthy.

You must know that ear cleanliness does not start and end with the words — cotton wipe. There’s still lot of things one should do to take care of ears during summers months, especially those who wear hearing aids which can be digital hearing aids in Bangalore.

Tips for ear care during summers

It’s very vital to protect your ears with the right device before you start for a summer vacation.

Jumping in the pool or the beach can put you at the risk of a painful ear infection known as Swimmer’s ear mainly caused by excessive water exposure to the outer ear and ear canal. Make use of ear plugs to prevent water from entering the ear canal.

If you experience pain in the ear after swimming, consult an audiologist who can advise antibiotic drops to reduce inflammation.

Keep decongestant 24 hours before heading for a flight to keep ear passages and ear clean and clear. Or try to postpone your flight journey if you are suffering from cold or upper respiratory infection as on flight you are more likely to have ear issues.

Now, what about those who wear hearing aids?

Summer brings an additional maintenance for people who wear hearing aids. As we know that moisture is the biggest enemy of the hearing aids. So, one of the biggest challenges during summer is the buildup of moisture in them. This moisture is caused by the humidity in the air, sweating or accidental squishes of water at the beach or pond or from a sprayer.

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You must follow these tips to keep your hearing devices dry and safe:-

Use hearing aid covers for back-the-ear styles

There are numerous different types of hearing aid covers available in the market. Hearing aid known as sweatbands are made up of natural fabric resist moisture, dust, and dirt. Other hearing Aid sheaths are made up of water-resistant, spandex nylon material that keeps dust, dirt, sweat and moisture away. This protects the hearing aid from outside moisture while letting the sound come in naturally. Digital Hearing Aids in Bangalore needs special care and maintenance.

Try to keep instruments dry overnight

It is essential to dry your instrument overnight. Desiccant jars and electric hearing aid dryers are special containers that make use of desiccant beads or electric drying technology to draw excess moisture from the hearing aids.

Leave the battery doors open

To prevent corrosion in the battery section, always keep the battery doors open or take the battery out when you are not wearing the hearing aids.

Make use of clips to keep hearing aids secure.

When you are involved in an activity that includes a lot of movement, use specially designed lightweight cords that attach your BTE or in-the-ear hearing aids to your clothing or glasses.

Disinfect your hearing aids.

Warmth and moisture are breeding grounds for bacteria. Always be sure to disinfect your hearing aids before inserting them in your ears. There are many disinfectant wipes specially made for this purpose.

You must be aware of the fact that warm weather and moisture are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. Make sure to disinfect your hearing aids before placing them in your ears. There are lots of disinfectant wipes available in the market.

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