Dreaming and Doing

If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time day-dreaming. You find it hard to stop thinking about the future; what you want to do, what you’ll accomplish, what kind of life you’ll have. You live in the imaginary future in your mind.

Then you look up and a week has passed, a year has passed, and you haven’t done much of anything except dream.

You might be the opposite of me. You might spend all your time with your head down, doing your work. Doing what’s expected of you. Never really questioning why, never really thinking about where you’ll end up. You don’t have a plan for the future. You only see the right now.

We’re both a little broken.

To make progress, we need to dream and do. We need to spend a little time reflecting and dreaming, and then a little time working.

Try to be aware of which one of these circles you’re spending the most time in right now. You need a little bit of both to succeed.