Visiting Colorado

I packed my 4Runner and went on a road trip through New Mexico and Southwest Colorado. It’s a magical place.

First real scenic stop was White Sands, NM. If you’ve never been, it’s worth visiting. There’s a KOA campground in Alamagordo that’s really nice.
After a night of camping in Santa Fe, reached Colorado just in time for some beautiful weather.
Either Ouray or Telluride, CO (I can’t remember)
Found a used cartop carrier on Craigslist in San Antonio for $200. Works perfectly.
I bought a new hoodie in Pagosa Springs. It’s waterproof and winter-ready af. Plus I love the design/colors.
“The Switzerland of America” lives up to the name.
Testing my tree pose / balance on a slippery rock in Ouray
Ouray, CO (that pool is actually hot springs)
View from the hot springs pool in Ouray.
Telluride, CO
Ouray, CO. These naturally formed lines in the sand were fascinating.
Black Canyon. The descent almost destroyed my 4Runner’s brakes.
The light is different up in the mountains.
Just outside Colorado Springs. The last real hike of the trip.

Colorado is a beautiful place with a lot of good people and ideas. I’ll be visiting more, especially the southwest.

All pictures taken with an iPhone X.