Do you use mix-minus to record Skype calls, etc.?
Prescott Perez-Fox

Yeah I do.

So I run a line from one of the the headphone outputs on my interface into the line input on the mic mini. That’s how the person on Skype on the mini hears what I hear. That headphone output mix has their voice muted in Mix Control (Focusrite’s virtual mixing board).

I run a cable from the headphone port (output) on the Mac Mini into one of the inputs on my interface. I record that as a track inside of Logic.

I tried using LoopBack for awhile but kept having weird audio issues so I gave up on that for now, although I should revisit it in case I ever need to record an interview away from home. Most of the time I ask the guest to record a local file and send it to me, since that gives me the best audio quality (assuming they don’t mess something up).

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