If you fear puppetry, don’t vote for the hand.

Voting for Donald Trump as protest against oligarchy is incredibly short sighted. You’re merely teaching the billionaires it’s more profitable to run for office themselves.

You worry about the puppetry so you support the hand itself?

Simply put, Donald Trump is indifferent and ignorant to what it means to be middle class, working class or anything other than rich and entitled.

You may believe in his prowess as a deal maker but don’t forget he’s never made deals or advocated for anyone other than himself. His money is the crux of his motive.

You may find his bluntness refreshing, but it’s not eloquence. Eloquence without wisdom is the tool of the lewd and wicked, and his insolence shows shortage of character, his audacity a lack of shame or self-awareness, and his temerity as unrepentantly reckless.

Speaking plainly does not give his hollow rhetoric meaning, it does not make him brave nor does it make him a subversive hero. He isn’t rejecting niceties in favor of purity, he does so as a demagogue.

Following a fool is foolish, not rebellion.

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