DevOpsDays London 2018 Notes

Neurodiversity and the Essence of DevOps @jeffsussna

  • Dark Hero of Information Age
  • DevOps -> EmpathyOps

How to leverage AWS features to secure and centrally monitor your accounts @KateAWhalen

  • 4K AWS accounts managed by teams

Trusted Advisor

  • It’s free

AWS Inspector

  • Automated security inspector


  • Apply changes across multiple AWS accounts

Death By Dashboards

  • Provide specific, timely, actionable feedback


  • Best efforts are better than no efforts


  • Compliance != security


  • Remove noise don't overwhelm users


  • Security status is transparent

Don’t Panic! @efinlay24

  • You’ve been placed on call!

Ghosts of Incidents Future

  • Incident handling is a skill that can be taught

Ghosts of Incidents Present

  • Take a deep breath
  • Put someone in charge

Ghosts of Incidents Past

  • Postmortems

Bright Screens, Blue Days: Developing Self-Care Tech @niceotherwise

Mental Health

  • 1/6 people experience mental health problems in England


  • Tech? A Smartphone App
  • You can argue with your therapist but not your phone


  • Depressed people have an altered view of reality

Designing for mental health is complex

  • Talk to distressed people

Support After 5pm Open Space

  • Script how a person would fix a problem

What To Expect From Your Manager Open Space

  • Feedback on what you’re doing

Good Monoliths Open Space

  • What business value do you get by splitting your monolith into microservices?

Who Broke Prod? Growing a Culture of Blameless Failure @growerofawesome

  • Why does it feel bad when it goes down?

Negative Feedback

  • Have to practice responding to negative feedback

Seeking Blame

  • Self defense, “is someone else's fault”


  • Brutal Transparency
  • People who are worried about blame stop talking


  • “Learning Review” rather than postmortem


  • Make failure visible


  • Never punish people for trying

Managing people and other horror stories @InformatiQ

  • Management is a role in the team

Role as a manager

  • Plan, workon and deliver projects
  1. Thou Shall Manage a Team
  • Work together, have trust

2. Thous shall give them a reason to exist

  • Why are we here?

3. Serve your team

  • When your team is awesome, you’re awesome

Why are Distributed Systems so hard? A network partition survival guide @deniseyu21

  • There used to be one monolithic database in the basement

Scale Vertically

  • Add more compute power

Scale Horizontally

  • Scalability

Shared Nothing

  • All modern clouds are based on shared nothing

8 Fallacies of Distributed Systems

  • Network is unreliable


C = Lineralisability

A = Availability

  • How do you know if its slow or dead?
  • Need to monitor systems to workout whats normal and set timeouts

P = Partition Tolerance

  • Connectivity between 2 nodes fail
  • Can't know the state of the otherside

Tickets and Silos Ruin Everything @damonedwards

  • Forces that undermine operations


  • Team A throws requests over the wall to Team B

Ticket Queues

  • Are expensive


  • Excessive toil prevents you from improving the business

Low Trust

  • If you have to escalate up to make decisions, the people who make them have less context

Operations as a service

  • Give people self service options

Startups Dos and Don’ts Open Space

  • Whoever's in charge needs to have the most shares, at some point someone will have to make the crappy decisions

Keep everyone close

  • Easier to make changes faster


  • Own the repos

Builders vs Operators

  • Watch for people who just want to do CV development

You’ll lie a lot

  • Make sure its to the right people

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