Hello Family.

Welcome to the Dream Keys.

A mashup of art, philosophy, spirituality & science.

A little bit about myself. My name is Aaron Krinsky. I was born and raised in Laguna Beach, California. My background is in film (used to work for IMAX), entrepreneurship (c0-founded a startup in the medical space) and finance (financing deals in tech, media, hospitality & real estate).

I have a passion for reading and writing, and a true love of philosophy.

My goal is to foster creative discussion around the human condition — more specifically the evolving human condition.

To quote from one of my favorite thinkers, Hannah Arrendt:

The modern age, with its growing world-alienation, has led to a situation where man, wherever he goes, encounters only himself. All the processes of the earth and the universe have revealed themselves either as man-made or as potentially man-made. These processes, after having devoured, as it were, the solid objectivity of the given, ended by rendering meaningless the one over-all process which originally was conceived in order to give meaning to them, and to act, so to speak, as the eternal time-space into which they could all flow and thus be rid of their mutual conflicts and exclusiveness. This is what happened to our concept of history, as it happened to our concept of nature. In the situation of the radical world-alienation, neither history nor nature is at all conceivable. This twofold loss of the world — the loss of nature and the loss of human artifice in the widest sense, which would include all history, has left behind it a society of men who, without a common world which would at once relate and separate them, either live in desperate lonely separation or are pressed together into a mass. For a mass-society is nothing more than that kind of organized living which automatically establishes itself among human beings who are still related to one another but have lost the world once common to all of them.” 
Hannah Arendt, Between Past and Future

Think she was on to something?

One of my favorite movies of the last decade was The Social Network. A true Zeitgeist movie.

For me, it captured the essence of the paradox of today’s millennial culture. We’ve never been so interconnected with technology, and yet, we’ve never been so isolated and alone.

Which brings me to a simple truth: If the dis-ease of our age is Alienation and Isolation… then the antidote is Intimacy.

Take a breath.

Think about it.

Think about it some more. Thank you. I love you.

One more thing.

Intimacy is more than “close familiarity or friendship”. It is about being on the Inside of the Inside. It is about deep, conscious, unmistakable Re-cognition. We are literally made from the same cloth.

My hope is that future historians will look back upon our age and say… This was the age of the GREAT INTIMACY, where humans finally got their sh*t together.

With Love,