CK7 - Brave or Buffoon: The Colin Kaepernick Caper

On a rather routine Friday night, in a suburb town off the Bay, a once great athlete, took to the field for the first time in nine months to begin his journey back to being the leader of his team. As he sat on the bench waiting for his moment to step onto the field, the crowd was on it’s feet, his team lined up along the edge of the field, the music filled the stadium, the opposing team 160 feet across the grassy field. Many boys have dreamed of a moment like this, movies are made for this reason, and so few people ever find themselves the focal point of this kind of moment, but this cool late summer evening, was just that moment.

Several years ago my personal favorite band wrote, recorded, and made a video of a song called “Stuck in a Moment”. Yes, the U2 song. It featured a Football Kicker who missed a winning field goal to lose the game. Now he has to live with that moment for the rest of his life. Well, Colin Kaepernick, just became that kicker. Only he didn’t miss a field goal, he didn’t even lose the game. He made a choice BEFORE the game that has forever changed how people think of him.

Kaepernick feels he needs to make a stand, by sitting. Sitting during the National Anthem. His personal protest is totally legal, it is even protected by the Constitution of the United States. But just because it is legal and protected, does not make it right, or correct. But that is a matter of opinion as well. The stand he is taking, is he can not respect a flag that stands for a country that oppresses black people, and people of color.

Maybe Mr. Kaepernick hasn’t seen the skin color of the top paid player on his own team (Him, at over $100 Million), may he hasn’t been able to see the skin color of the majority of the sports league he plays in because of the uniforms the white owners make the players wear, maybe he hasn’t seen the skin color of the majority of athletes in the other professional sports in this country, and maybe he has forgotten who is President of these United States. And maybe, Kaepernick is just victim who has fallen for the media bias that sells their papers, magazines, websites, and commercials.

Black man held down by White man; Brown man expelled from US by White man; Red man forced to live on Reservation by White man; Oriental man sent to prison camps by White man.

Does the United States of America have a few black eyes, (or should I not use ‘black’ and say ‘bruised’ instead) of course it does. The fact is not that things were done in the past, but rather, what is being done today. But let’s look at the past a moment, before looking at today.

It was a group of White men who sat in a room and wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence that freed this country and opened the possibility of freedoms for all of us, and yes Mr. Kaepernick too. And it is this document that first states, “that all men are created equal.” I was a group of White men who, again, gathered in a room to write the Constitution of the United States, which gives Kaepernick and the rest of us to express ourselves how we feel fit. It was White men who fought and died to free this country. It was White men who, again fought and died to end slavery of black/colored people. It was a White man who stood up and gave a speech to free ALL of the slaves, regardless of their skin color. It is the White man who who signed the Civil Rights Bill and gave the Black man a voice. And it was a White man who first hired, and paid, the first Black athlete. All of this happened paving the way for Mr. Kaepernick to one day sign a contract for over $100 Million to play a game that many of us play for free in our backyards.

But all of that was in the past, what is happening today. White men and Black men own companies together. Black men loan White men money, White men loan Black men money. Black men and White men play professional sports, together. Black men and White men work in Washington D.C. making the laws of the country, side by side, and in every state in the Union. Black men and White men fight and protect our freedoms each and everyday, in our Countries Military. Black men and White men put on the same Blue Uniform everyday and keep our towns and cities safe. Black men and White men put on suit and ties everyday and fill Mayor, City Council, County Commissioner, State Wide, and Governor posts in every state in the Union. And a Black man holds the highest office in the country.

So I ask Mr. Kaepernick, who is being oppressed? Maybe I should change that and ask, Who is oppressing who? Seems to me, the White man has no issue with the Black man. You, Mr. Black man, are demanding $100 Million from the White man. Black Lives Matters is demanding the White man GIVE them their demands. Black actors are demanding the White man give them Oscars. Why should you, or they, get their demands? Maybe these things should just be earned. But what do I know? I’ve only had to work for my less than $100 Thousand a year living (that’s less than 1/10 of a percent of Mr. Kaepernick’s earnings). The White men (and women) who fight and die to protect Mr. Kaepernick’s freedom to earn hundreds of millions, earn less than a tenth of a percent of his earnings. Maybe those need to be switched?

As for Kaepernick’s protest, it holds no water. If he truly wants to make a difference in the lives of Black people, he needs to be an example that a Black man can succeed in our country. So many of the young Black kids that are looking up to men like him, are only seeing the bad examples. How can a young man grow up to be a great man, when all he has to show the way, is thugs?

As for me, I want to look for and celebrate young people, and adults who find a way to better themselves. Who work hard to provide for themselves and family, and not rely on free handouts or make excuses. And when a now all but washed up athlete, shows the kind of immature child he truly is, like Kaepernick and Ryan Lockte, I want to find the example of just the opposite, like Russel Wilson and yes, even, Micheal Phelps. Oh wait, did I just include a Black man as a positive role model? See, even this White man promotes Black men. Maybe someday, the Black man will finally be color blind, this White man has been for years.

Colin @Kaepernick7 will you lead the way? I would gladly join you on that.